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Celebrating 75 years of growth and change!



EFRA has come a long way since the first luncheon club meetings in 1937.  Originally established as EFFA (Eastern Frosted Foods Association), the association expanded in 2011 to become the EFRA (Eastern Frosted & Refrigerated Foods Association).  We look forward eagerly to serving the refrigerated foods community in addition to the frozen foods community. EFRA remains a vital link of communication.  Your voice gets heard.  The consumer and the trade see and hear us loudly and clearly, and the sign of the penguin has been accepted as the symbol of quality, value and convenience in frozen & refrigerated foods.  As an EFRA member, you are part of a dynamic force with a common goal….use more frozen & refrigerated foods...more sales for more profits.






We bring together all related segments of the frozen food industry.

            Brokers                                                Warehousing

            Manufacturers                                     Transportation

            Distributors                                         Packaging/Labeling






You can profit as an advertiser in our yearly month-long Frozen Food Festival, which won the Golden Penguin award many times from the National Frozen Food Association for excellence in marketing.  The EFRA Festival is the only promotion of its kind in our area.  Packers and retailers, for successive years have reported gains of up to 15% for the Festival Period.  Supported by all segments of our industry, EFRA mounts this giant promotion effort with a fully integrated marketing campaign involving retailers, manufacturers, brokers, and media to help our member companies sell more frozen foods.  In light of our recent expansion, we are in the process of looking ahead and preparing to offer similar programs to the refrigerated foods community.




Industry Dinners

We organize several industry dinners each year.  Each dinner focuses on a specific facet of our industry, while offering adequate time to connect with other members of the frozen & refrigerated food community.  For example, our “Night at the Races” is specifically designed to be an enjoyable evening while contributing 100% of the proceeds to the Scholarship Fund.


Winter Marketing Seminar

This activity gives you the opportunity to meet with your peers in a relaxed environment.  You have the chance to meet socially with buyers and retailers, customers and friends and their families in an atmosphere conducive to building strong relationships.  This conference is held annually at a nearby resort area.


Scholarship Program

Toward the objective of attracting new talent to the frozen food industry, hundreds of deserving college students receive financial assistance, which further encourages colleges to support training curricula related to the industry.  Scholarships are also available to promising talent within the industry to help advance their careers as well as the children of member companies.  Funds are generously contributed by the Association and by corporations and individuals interested in the future of our industry.  EFRA has awarded over $800,000 since the program’s inception. The EFRA Foundation is a full charity capable of accepting gifts and contributions of any size. We can also set up Memorial Funds to remind of us of members no longer here with us.


Annual Golf Outing

An outing you can look forward to.  A once a year social event with business mixed in...in a pleasant relaxed atmosphere.  New members meet regulars, regulars meet old friends, and everyone enjoys the camaraderie.  A truly successful event for over 60 years  - more prizes  - more attendees  -  more golf and more fun.


Membership offers big rewards . . . information, exchange of ideas, co-operative promotional programs, networking opportunities, social participation.  There is no better way to get so much from the frozen & refrigerated food industry.  Become an active part of the industry association that serves you.


EFRA Membership Dues are $400.