Industry Scholarship Application Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in the Eastern Frosted & Refrigerated Foods Association Industry Scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements

1. You or an immediate family member (mother, father, spouse) must be an employee of a company which is a member of the EFRA and must be employed by the member company from the date of application through the date scholarships are awarded. If you are unsure whether your employer is a member company, please contact the EFRA office.

2. You must be a high school senior or a college undergraduate applying to or enrolled in an accredited program or an employee of a member company furthering your education.

Application Instructions
1. Please fill out Industry Scholarship Application Form in full.
2. Your Commentary (250 – 500 words typed) must be submitted with your application. Please be sure to include responses to all 3 commentary questions: What are your goals? Why should you be considered for aid? What contact have you had with EFRA and how has it impacted you?
3. Official Grade Transcripts are required and may be mailed directly to the EFRA office: a) by your high school guidance office if you are a high school senior. b) by your college if you are a college student.
4. Proof of College Enrollment is required:
a) High school seniors may submit a copy of their college acceptance letter.
b) College students may have proof of enrollment sent to the EFRA office directly by their college.
5. Proof of employment by EFRA member company:
a) Applicants who are employees of member companies must included a letter from their employer listing dates of employment and position held in company.
b) Applicants who are children or family members of a member company employee must include a letter from the member company verifying the employment of the applicant’s parent/guardian, including dates of employment and position held in company.
Every question must be answered and ALL FIVE application requirements must be received. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
All information is kept confidential. If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact the EFRA office at (973) 835-1710.
Applications may be completed on-line at the EFRA website ( and submitted electronically, or may be mailed to the EFRA office at 17 Park Street, Wanaque, NJ 07465, or FAXED to (973) 835-1708.
Application deadline is June 30, 2017. All applications must be received by this date!

The Education Committee will review all applications. Decisions of the Education Committee are final.

EFRA Industry Scholarship recipients will be notified by mail by August 1, 2017.